August 29, 2023

Mallika Dutt | Interconnectedness and Sacred Activism

Thomas is joined by Mallika Dutt, a longtime advocate for equity and well-being for people and the planet, and the founder of the non-profit organizations INTER-CONNECTED, Breakthrough, and Sakhi. They discuss the pivotal moments in Mallika’s life that brought the concepts of sacredness, interdependence, and interconnectedness into her activism.

Mallika shares her commitment to the collective liberation of all beings on this planet, and how anchoring ourselves to that commitment can move us out of old paradigms and enable us to create new, restorative patterns in our relationships and in the larger world.

She and Thomas explore Mallika’s personal path to understanding our fundamental oneness, and methods we can all use to find greater self-acceptance, mediate conflict, address harm, and heal trauma in a restorative and grounded way.

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“There’s an anchoring in the interconnectedness of all things that allows me to show up with more love, with more presence, with less reactivity, and with more listening.”

- Mallika Dutt

Guest Information

Mallika Dutt

Mallika Dutt is a longtime advocate for equity and well-being for people and planet, with deep experience in advancing justice through an intersectional lens. Prior to joining the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation as the Program Director of Gender Equity and Governance, she founded and led INTER-CONNECTED, where she supported transformational change through her unique methodology combining ancient wisdom, contemplative practices, storytelling, and social justice activism.

As the founder and leader of Breakthrough, she has used culture to change culture through award-winning multi-media campaigns that have touched millions. She also headed a social justice and human rights program in South Asia with the Ford Foundation. A recipient of multiple awards, she received the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship in 2016. Mallika has served on several boards and committees and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Mallika is a graduate of NYU Law School and Columbia University’s School of International Affairs. She is also the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from her undergraduate college, Mount Holyoke.

Learn more about Mallika and her work at mallikadutt.com

Notes & Resources

Key points from this episode include:

  • The function of subduing our feelings amidst trauma, and the healing power of reconnecting to them
  • Moving away from the punitive “us versus them” paradigm that reinforces cycles of harm
  • Fractal patterns of change, and how small shifts in our own patterns create larger patterns
  • The importance of ritual, storytelling, and other forms of creative inspiration in bringing a new world into being
  • Connecting with nature and the grounding presence of the Earth
  • The power of healing in a community where all are witnessed and held

Episode Transcript