February 21, 2023

Welcome to Point of Relation

The moment when conversations and explorations enter an attuned space is the sweet spot of our relational experience – what Thomas Hübl calls the “Point of Relation.”

Join Thomas each week as he takes you on a journey to where the mystical intersects with the scientific, and the conscious and unconscious universes meet. In his conversations with visionaries, innovators, artists, and healers, Thomas invites guests into a relational experience that allows inspiration and innovation to emerge.

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“The Point of Relation is the alchemy of inspiration.”

- Thomas Hübl

Guest Information

Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator whose work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries of science. Since the early 2000s, he has been facilitating large-scale events and courses that focus on meditation and mindfulness-based awareness practices, as well as the healing and integration of trauma.

His non-profit organization, The Pocket Project, works to support the healing of collective trauma throughout the world. He is the author of the book Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds.

His next book Attuned: Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma—and Our World will be published September 12, 2023 by Sounds True and is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Bookshop, and more!

For more information, visit thomashuebl.com

Notes & Resources

In this episode, we explore:

  • Our constantly evolving relational flow with each other, with nature, and with the past and the future.
  • How we can use moments of friction and struggle to form a deeper relationship with the world, and with ourselves.
  • The wisdom shared by a diverse group of guest speakers and the knowledge that we co-create in our conversations.
  • Approaching the world with curiosity and heart.
  • Nature is not something that’s just around us, but an interdependent, interconnected reality of which we are a part.
  • How we can integrate the wounds of history that live within us so that the next generation can be released of their burden.
  • The fluidity of our interconnectedness and how that allows us to explore and negotiate our world collaboratively.

Episode Transcript

Thomas Hübl: Streams of life, like your stream, and my stream, like rivers, they meet, and that fluid meeting point, that fluid interconnectedness, that’s the Point of Relation.

Hello, my name is Thomas Hübl. You’re listening to my new podcast, The Point of Relation. I call the podcast the Point of Relation because it’s very interesting that everything in life that has meaning for us– meaning in the sense of we feel attracted to it, we are interested in it, we have a lot of motivation, or that we dislike that we reject, that we resist in life– everything that has some meaning is in a relationship with us, and we are in a relationship to whatever that is. And the point of relation is a term that I use in my teachings, as the maturation point where a mature self has a choice. So where we begin to have the choice to say “yes” or “no” and we are free to say “yes” or “no” and choose moment-to-moment in our life, whatever how we go along in our life.

So the point of relation is a horizontal dimension or has a horizontal dimension, which means how I relate to circumstances in my life, how I relate to my children, how I relate to my spouse, how I relate to my work, also how to relate to technology, how I’m dealing with the constant updates of our world, and how I update myself in relation to a world that is constantly changing. So the point of relation is actually not a static place. It’s part of a flow, a moment to moment to moment experience of a relational flow with the world.

And for many of us, we know how it feels to be in flow. We know how it feels when things are flowing, simply. And that means that we are in a constant relational space with the world. And then we also know when that flow stops and we run into stagnations, difficulties, when things don’t line up so well, when we feel our life is a bit desynchronized. And that’s an equally interesting place for us. So the point of relation and this podcast is supposed to support us to be part of an ever-updating world. And how we grow in this world, how we stay young, fresh, related, contemporary, how we use the growth of the world for our own growth, how we are inspired, but also how we use the struggling moments, how we use the moments of friction with the world and find a different relation to it.

So I think that’s why the point of relation and this podcast will deal with our own experience, how we deepen our experience of the world, how we are constantly in the learning process, and we are learning from each other. So we will have many guest speakers that represent a certain competence quality. They have lots of life wisdom and want to share it with us and be in a relationship with me in finding out something new that we co-create together. Because I think that’s the sweet spot of a relationship is where we give birth to a future that is bigger than both of us. And that can only happen because the two of us are coming together and I think we all know conversations, but we are suddenly excited, maybe inspired where we start to glow, neurons start to glow because we are entering a world together that gives birth through us. Like a new idea, a new innovation, a new insight. And I think that’s an exciting place to be.

And I have had many, many conversations like that. And I’m sure you do, too, where in relationship there is a space that is bigger than the two of us and where the future is being born through us. And I think that’s another point that the point of relation is also the birthplace of the future. And it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting in a lab and I am exploring something and suddenly I have a scientific insight or I discover something or I have a relationship, a conversation with somebody, and that is the birthplace of a future, or I’m part of a team or a collective, and suddenly we give birth together to something new. So the point of relation relates also to the vertical line, which means downloading the future, having insights and innovation that comes top down that is inspiring us and speaks to us in silent moments, in moments when we– in moments awe or moments of deep relationship, or in moments of deep concentration and focus onto something.

On the other hand, the point of relation is also how we relate to where we come from. How do we relate to our own journey that made us who we are. It also includes, of course, our wounding, our trauma ancestors experience, our collective experiences or the experience of the world that we arise in. And so we will also explore in many, many ways how we can find a different and more expanded and more generous and more healing and a more integrating relationship to our own becoming or to our own history, where we come from. And that rooting, what I call rooting– that kind of relationship to our roots and humanity’s roots, I think is very important because there’s a lot of wisdom stored in us.

So the point of relation is actually that pulsing movement that resides in our hearts, it has the power to relate to the future, to relate what we call the past, and to be curiously related to what’s going on in this world today. And not only how we perceive the world, but also how we can contribute to this world, how we perceive this world, and how we contribute to this world, and how we create more intra-existing interest, like that I find out more and more that the world is not just out there, society is not just out there, nature is not just out there, but it’s equally in here. Sometimes we might think “Oh, society is around us,” or when you walk through the forest, nature is around us, when in fact I am also society, I am also nature. So nature is not just around us, it’s an interdependent interconnected intra-being reality.

And the way we process that intra-existence of the world in us is actually how we develop wisdom. Wisdom is kind of the parts of the world that we can host in ourself and find a resonant relationship to. Resonance is a great word because resonance is the language of relating. And when we look at it that way, so the point of relation is actually a process. It’s– we call it relating, it’s a moment to moment to moment process. So it helps us to liquefy the world and to find deeper and deeper answers. Or in another way, we could say we are becoming deeper and deeper answers to the questions that we are walking with in our life.

And that’s why I decided to create this podcast where I will explore things with you and I will invite lots of guests that will explore aspects of life with us so that we can be a contemporary contribution, witness, part of resonance within this world that we are living, and deepen our experience together. And of course, what’s very dear to my heart is definitely how can we help become aware of liquefy, integrate the bigger wounds of history that are still living in us, that are being passed on generation to generation? And given my work deals a lot with trauma, collective trauma, and large-scale wounds on the planet globally, that also prevent the deeper collaboration, prevent or impair the global or collective data flow in the human supercomputer so that we more often than not feel separate and kind of fragmented. And that creates all kinds of recurrent issues and retraumatizations around the world.

And what is the power that we have as individuals and as collectives to meet that past in a different way than just saying, “Oh, it’s too much. I don’t want to deal with that.” And and become that learning. And it’s exciting if you do it step by step and in the appropriate pacing or titration, we can actually learn a lot from that, often also painful past, and transform our ways of being and transform also our ethical understanding. And in a way, understanding is a beautiful term because understanding means that I stand in alignment, spirit, our cognition, our heart, our emotional experience, our physical sensing, our ancestral rooting, and our relational experience of the world, moment to moment, is an understanding.

And authenticity, or to be real, means that what we say and what we express is in alignment with that internal understanding. And understanding is a data flow, is a vertical data flow through our nervous system. And it’s why streams of life, like your stream and my stream, like rivers, they meet. And that fluid meeting point, that fluid interconnectedness, that’s the point of relation. So it’s not something static. It’s where the movement of life creates relative realities, relative truth, and we are able to negotiate a world together.

And so I’m very excited to share with you that we’re rolling out this podcast and I’m very excited because I know that I’m going to have amazing conversations and explorations. And when you are listening to me or to us and you become part of our ongoing exploration, then whatever arises in you, whatever it is, is interesting and is part of the exploration. Because I’m not separate from you, we’re residing in this interconnected world and that’s why I think we will together give birth to many insights, revelations and a deep learning process that we all go through in order to stay a contemporary participant, or a contemporary citizen, in this world. This is an invitation, and if that speaks to you, then you are most invited to join us and to sign up for our podcast and become part of the community.