Becoming and Belonging

Thomas discusses two forces that drive us as human beings: the will to become, and the will to belong. He explores how our formative parental relationships can either encourage or subdue our drive to become our authentic selves and how our early strategies to compensate for scarcity can influence our path as adults. Thomas emphasizes

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Alanis Morissette – Journey of Empowerment

Thomas is joined by wholeness advocate, thought leader, and legendary Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Alanis Morissette. They discuss how to adhere to your values while passionately pursuing your life’s purpose, and how to re-connect to your authentic self after experiencing trauma. Alanis shares the somatic practices that helped her to overcome dissociation and experience embodiment again,

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The Art of Attunement

Thomas Hübl further expands on Attunement– a relational mindfulness practice that allows our nervous systems to feel one another and transmit many layers of information. He explains that each of us contains a rich inner world that we must get to know in order to attune with others. When we create inner calm, we also

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Dr. Gabor Maté – The Undeniable Link of Illness and Wellbeing to Our Collective Ecosystem

In this interview from the 2022 Collective Trauma Summit, Thomas speaks with physician and author of “The Myth of Normal” Dr. Gabor Maté. They discuss how the trauma ingrained in modern society manifests as illness and pulls us away from our authentic selves, and how we can lessen our attachment to “normalcy” in order to

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