Sebene Selassie – Cultivating Interconnectedness Through Meditation

Thomas is joined by writer, speaker, and meditation teacher Sebene Selassie. She provides guidance and wisdom for meditation instructors and beginners alike. She and Thomas discuss ways to create a consistent, coherent, and long-term practice, even when meditation feels difficult or overwhelming due to trauma. Sebene explains key elements, such as mindfulness and compassion, that

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Frederic Laloux – Trauma-Informed Organizations

Thomas is joined by celebrated business thinker, social entrepreneur, Founder of “The Week”, and author of Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux. They discuss how hierarchy relies on certain people having power over others, and how this concept is antithetical to our true human nature, despite being deeply ingrained in society. They explore Frederic’s work to help

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Becoming and Belonging

Thomas discusses two forces that drive us as human beings: the will to become, and the will to belong. He explores how our formative parental relationships can either encourage or subdue our drive to become our authentic selves and how our early strategies to compensate for scarcity can influence our path as adults. Thomas emphasizes

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