August 15, 2023

Stephen Gyllenhaal | Healing Trauma Through Resonance and Storytelling

According to filmmaker and founder of the Identity Development Institute, Stephen Gyllenhaal, “The best instrument in the world is another human being.” In this episode, he and Thomas discuss the importance of resonance to trauma healing. Similar to attunement, resonance involves communication between nervous systems wherein our bodies transmit our pain to others within a safe and open environment.

This is also the basis for the Intention Method (IoPT) sessions that changed Stephen’s life and inspired him to start training others in this unique methodology. He explains that early traumas make positive change and evolution difficult, and how being present in connection with others has allowed him to experience profound healing. He and Thomas also discuss how the art of cinema is a form of resonance, and the themes of galactic resonance that are explored in his upcoming documentary, The Universe Sings.

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“There are only two ways you change the world– violence and storytelling.”

- Stephen Gyllenhaal

Guest Information

Stephen Gyllenhaal

In 2017, after 50 years in the psychological sector, Stephen founded The Identity Development Institute helping people heal from the impact of trauma from conception through pre-verbal development. He’s also been an award-winning Hollywood director, primarily focusing on psychological issues, and in recent years has turned his attention to documentaries that explore social structures and early human development.

Learn more about Stephen and his work at identitydevelopmentinstitute.com and stephengyllenhaal.com

Notes & Resources

Key points from this episode include:

  • How many so-called maladaptive behaviors are actually intelligent adaptations to traumatic experiences
  • Our personal traumas are inseparable from the collective suffering in the world
  • Our nervous systems desire to heal, and how attuned and resonant environments give them the opportunity to
  • How an Identity Development session works and what it can accomplish
  • The experience of resonating with someone else’s pain, and how that better equips us to handle our own pain
  • The benefits of always reaching out to make connections, and how it can diffuse difficult situations

Episode Transcript