April 23, 2024

Bonus Meditation: Connecting to Inspiration

In this special bonus episode, Thomas leads us on a guided meditation to help ground us into our bodies and tune in with potentiality. He explores the mystical understanding of inspiration and how spiritual practice can help us to be more open and sense the potential of the future. This meditation is intended to help us integrate the learnings from the previous three episodes in our four-part series on Technology, Innovation, and Consciousness.

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“Through a refined sensing, I go to the edge of the manifest world and I harvest a few drops of light that I bring back.”

- Thomas Hübl

Guest Information

Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator whose work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries of science. Since the early 2000s, he has been facilitating large-scale events and courses that focus on meditation and mindfulness-based awareness practices, as well as the healing and integration of trauma.

His non-profit organization, The Pocket Project, works to support the healing of collective trauma throughout the world. He is the author of the book Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds.

His new book Attuned: Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma—and Our World is available now wherever books are sold. Visit attunedbook.com for links to order it online.

For more information, visit thomashuebl.com

Notes & Resources

Key points from this episode include:

  • Exploring the mystical understanding of inspiration
  • How the spiritual practice can help us to open our inner sensing to that future potential
  • Healing as the onboarding of the past and the integrating of the past into now.
  • How all the innovation in our world is a downloading of energy that transforms into thinking, emotion, and physical matter

Episode Transcript

Thomas Hübl: I want to speak a little bit about the mystical understanding of inspiration. So when we go through our life, often we’re kind of connected to past experiences, to the circling every time in what we call a pattern, or fears or shame or experiences that come back again and again or dialogue that we have again. and again. So, that’s our identification with the past. Then there are moments when we feel much more present and much more connected to what is, to the real process that’s happening right now that is not overshadowed by the past. Healing is the onboarding of the past and the integrating of the past into now. And the mystical understanding of future is not a later point in time, but it’s a higher capacity that is potentially available. And in that moment, it also manifests through me or you or anybody and becomes part of this world.

So from it just being an energetic potential, potentiality, it becomes manifest. It gets manifested through us. So suddenly, you have an insight and that insight excites me. “Wow.” And then I feel emotional excitement. I have a…develop a mental understanding of that insight, and then maybe it becomes a project that I want to manifest and I put work into their project and it becomes something. It becomes something in the physical world. So it’s in a way the downloading of future into the existing world. All the innovation in our world, in whichever field, is a downloading of energy that is light, that coats itself into thinking, into emotion, into physical matter.

And like this, it becomes part of our physical reality. So today we want to look at how the spiritual practice can help us to open our inner sensing to that future potential, which is all the time with everybody. We just need to learn how to use it or how to connect to it. And then it unfolds its effects more and more often as what we call inspiration in our life. And then it’s a natural updating mechanism of the way we live or what we do in the world and how we express ourselves gets updated and if many people inspired. So we update our society, we update the ways we live in the mystical practice.

It’s seen as if above our head there is the reception or the receiving of potential light through embodied light. Embodied light is my capacity to sense through my body’s potential. Light is energy that I can sense only as energy. And through a refined sensing, I go to the edge of the manifest world and I harvest a few drops of light that I bring back into the manifest world. And so in the first days, we started with grounding. Why? Because if I’m too stressed and if I’m all over in my mind or if I’m too identified with my mind, there’s no way I can sense because I’m completely in my mental experience. That’s why first I need grounding. And we can do it right now. We can say, okay, I take again breaths, slow down my exhalations, ground myself in the body, feel the sensations of my body, take a look at and feel into what’s my current stress level, feel the physical dimension of stress, soften, feel it, relax into it, onboard the stress. Let it slowly relax. And as I’m more connected to my body,

I can bring my attention first just to the top of my head, which is still part of my body. Of course, I sense the top of my head and I can look as we did it yesterday. I can also look and allow an inner image of the top of my head. So I feel, I see, I listen. Then I elevate my feelings, sensing, listening, seeing I can meter above my head. And I keep feeling. I explore space above my head so that my being doesn’t end with the top of my head. It goes way beyond.

I’m tuning in with the potentiality. It’s subtle whisper of the future when I tune in with it. I need to listen finer. I need to have a certain calmness inside. Listen to more subtle ways of communicating. You can feel if above your head or certain tangible or audible or visual sense of energy. And I open myself consciously to higher insight. If there is an update for me, there’s anything more to include in my perspective. And I’m here, I’m available. I’m see if I can let the focus of my attention stay for a few more moments, allow an inner image to arise, get a felt sense.

I hear even a sound above my head. And after that, you let your attention come back into the heart day forwarded the heart is the central computer, is the integration of basically future with our current life. I listen a little bit to the heart space again. There’s any information that arises and then I take a couple of deep breaths. You can take a couple of deep breaths and slowly open your eyes again. And that of course is also, that’s the beginning of an opening practice. But if I practice that over and over again, maybe at the beginning it’s even a bit what is above my head and what can I feel there. But if I invest some more time and I do it multiple times, so then I’ll start getting a sense that there is a constant downward streaming possible of information, energy, which is information in movement. Different levels of energy, have different speed of movement and that we can learn to connect to a higher potential. That’s the part of us that is not yet manifest. That’s the part of us that potentiality that wants to enrich our life. That’s the spark of evolution that every one of us carries inside. That is our contribution to the world that we bring through our lifetime into the world, to creativity and insight. And that’s a great practice to get that part of us online as well.