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Point of Relation podcast illuminates the path to collective healing at the intersection of science and mysticism. Host Thomas Hübl welcomes visionaries, innovators, artists, and healers for deep conversations about how we can activate our shared intelligence to meet the most pressing challenges of our time.

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Episode 79

July 16, 2024

Elise Loehnen – Balancing Empathy, Anger, and Responsibility in Polarizing Times

Thomas is joined once again by New York Times bestselling author and the host of the podcast, Pulling the Thread, Elise Loehnen. They discuss the important work of reconnecting to our bodies, learning to fully embody our emotions—including anger—and what it takes to create safe spaces for difficult emotions to emerge and become integrated.

Elise shares personal insights about grounding and releasing anger, and the powerful healing potential of setting honest boundaries. She and Thomas explore how increasing our inner resourcing and individual capacity for discomfort can help us detoxify wounds inherited from previous generations, bring us closer to nature, and collectively reduce polarization in society.

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Thomas is joined by Christiana Figueres, an internationally recognized leader on global climate change. They discuss her extensive work in helping to create global regulatory frameworks around climate change, and how we can apply the power of our agency as a collective to work towards regeneration instead of creating more destruction.

Christiana and Thomas observe how our individual healing processes mirror the social transformation humanity must undergo to address the climate crisis. They explore how we can fertilize the ground of possibility and see climate change not as an inevitable disaster, but as a portal for change and an opportunity to heal global injustices.

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Episode 77

July 4, 2024

Bonus: The 3-Sync Meditation

In this special bonus episode, Thomas guides us through the 3-Sync Meditation Practice, a foundational meditation in Thomas’ teachings. “3-Sync” refers to the synchronization of our physical, emotional, and mental experiences. It’s a simple practice to help generate presence and digest whatever arises. You can return to this practice again and again when you are experiencing overwhelm, or just need a moment for space and integration in your day.

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Thomas discusses three foundational concepts of mystical teachings: Awareness, Movement, and Ethics.

He explores how mindfulness synchronizes our awareness with our perception, how Taoism and other wisdom traditions help us integrate the past so we can be more present in the flow of life, and how internal regulation and spaciousness make us less dependent on external rules and validation. Thomas emphasizes how these powerful spiritual tools can help us to deepen, evolve, and unify our experience of life.

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